Last updated November 28, 2017

Defining the home page

What is the VCU home page? We know, it seems pretty obvious. But it’s actually not as simple as it sounds.

When we use the term “VCU home page” we are referring to the university’s main website. That means the literal, single page you see when you go to but it also includes a number of subpages, about 20 in total, such as the Academic Programs, About VCU, Faculty and Staff Resources and Richmond pages.

So when we say we are redesigning the home page, we mean we are redesigning the entire website. Now, there are hundreds of other VCU websites out there. How can you tell if a page you are on is part of the home page or part of another site? In general, if it has the same header and footer that you see on, then it is part of the home page.

Examples of pages that are part of the VCU home page:

The About VCU page:

The History page:

The Student Resources page: