Education and support

VCU HIV Services receives federal and state funding for two programs that educate health care professionals who care for HIV-positive and at-risk patients.

Virginia HIV/AIDS Resource and Consultation Center

VHARCC serves providers, organizations, agencies and academic communities in the central and southwest regions of the state.

Its services include multidisciplinary education programs, clinical programs and consultations on HIV/AIDS-related issues. The center also supports anonymous testing and counseling, offers clinical training and research, and works on policy development.

For questions regarding programs or services, call (804) 828-2210 or (800) 525-7605.

MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center

MAAETC provides customized educational training to physicians, nurses, physician assistants, dental professionals, pharmacists and others who provide HIV care in Virginia.

Programs include on-site clinical training, preceptorships, didactic courses, workshops, capacity-building programs, clinical consultations and technical assistance.

To request a program, call (804) 828-2447 or (804) 828-2210.