Affording care

Think HIV treatment is too expensive? We help make care affordable.

Don’t let the cost of appointments and medications hold you back from seeking treatment. During your first appointment, our team will evaluate your medical condition, income, insurance and residency to see if you qualify for assistance. 

All clinics associated with VCU HIV Services are funded by either Part B or C of the federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act. This program helps low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals pay for HIV/AIDS medications, medical care and support services. As the payer of last resort, Ryan White funding helps when insurance coverage is not available.

To remain eligible for this program, you must be screened every six months and provide any requested documentation.

ACA open enrollment 

The 2019 Affordable Care Act enrollment period will begin in the fall. Until then, please click to learn more about available health coverage in 2018

“VCU HIV Services enrolled me in the Affordable Care Act and connected me with a program that covers my monthly premium. When I ran into hurdles getting my medicine, my case manager fixed the issue on the same day. - Y.R.