Helping others

Become an advocate for others living with HIV.

As a VCU HIV Services patient, you have the opportunity to lend your voice to the health care community.

Consumer Advisory Board

The Common Ground Consumer Advisory Board ensures all clinics operate in the best interests of people of all ages, genders, living circumstances and cultures living with HIV/AIDS. 

Our patient “consumers” provide a critical and necessary perspective on the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that are designed to meet their needs.

Consumers are also required to undergo HIV/AIDS advocacy training. Opportunities include educational forums, discussion roundtables, expert presentations and a live call-in cable education series.


To volunteer for the Consumer Advisory Board, you must:

  • Be infected with or affected by HIV (caregiver, friend or family)
  • Have a professional attitude with strict adherence to confidentiality
  • Self-educate and review materials on medical aspects of HIV
  • Effectively work in groups and respect the views of others

CAB volunteer application

Peer review

The Ryan White Part B Peer Review Program at VCU includes education, data collection, feedback and technical assistance between professional peers, patients and agencies.

The program is a collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health, Virginia HIV/AIDS Resource Consultation Center and over 30 subrecipients receiving RWB funding.

It focuses on assisting subrecipients in identifying strengths and challenges, and gathers performance data for all  Virginia HIV/AIDS patients through the Virginia Ryan White Quality Management Cross-Parts Collaborative.

Data collection ensures that patients receive the same standard of care across funding source. 


Contact us

For more information about the Consumer Advisory Board or the Peer Reveiw Program, contact Michelle Shearer at (804) 828-3714.


HIV Services referred me to a support group in Petersburg that helped me finally start living with my diagnosis. I eventually became employed there as a peer case manager. - L.C.