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Current Poster Presentations

Name Poster Title
Martin Aguilar-Shardonofsky State-dependent sodium channel blocking properties determine atrial fibrillation-selective actions
Emmanuel Bakare A mathematical model of blood flow in artery with branches
Ryan Carpenter Modeling the effects of calsequestrin's role in regulation of local calcium release and depletion in cardiac myocytes
Xiaobing Chen Micro-scale modeling of blood flow in three-dimensional hollow fiber membrane bundle for artificiallungs
Rachel Clipp A One-Dimensional Fluid Dynamics Evaluation of a Pulmonary Artery Stenosis Including Respiration
Arnaud Collet Influence of thermo-electric coupling on pacemaker activity generated by mechano-electric feedback in a one-dimensional ring-shaped model of cardiac fiber
Murugesh Easwaran Pharmacokinetics and dynamics of potassium voltage-gated channel with gadolinium based contrast agent interaction assessment in cardiac MRI
Taquara R. Felix Pending
Katharine H. Fraser Mechanical Blood Damage in an Axial VAD compared to a Centrifugal VAD
Clement Gallet Application of wavelet transform and empirical mode decomposition for the continuous assessment of sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity in conscious rats
Yinglan Gong Efficient and accurate tracing of phase singularities in cardiac reentry simulation
Yan Hao A Langevin description of the stochastic dynamics of calcium release sites composed of multiple intracellular channels
Martin B. Himmel Pending
Tuan M. Hoang-Trong Computational study of Ca-based arrhythmias at 3D spatial whole-cell level
Ryan M. Kammeyer Development of a mathematical model for CPR incorporating cardiovascular and gas exchange dynamics
Sunil Kandel The upper limit of vulnerability and virtual electrodes in defibrillation of the heart
Saptarshi Kar A kinetic model of eNOS biochemical pathways for nitric oxide and superoxide production
Jussi Koivumaki Rate-dependent regulation of SERCA in human atrial myocytes
Hoshik Lee A new algorithm for detection of apnea in infants in neonatal intensive care units
Young-Seon Lee Regression analysis of a stochastic Ca2+ model
Yinyun Li Pending
Brandon Milonovich Mathematical Analysis of the Hodgkin-Huxley model for cardiac action potentials
Shamim Nemati Estimation of respiratory control system parameters from spontaneous breathing
Ashley E. Raba A Multi-scale Analysis of the Mechanisms of Arrhythmia
Naveen Ramunigari Pending
Bakhtiyor Rasulev Alkaloids as antagonist modulators of voltage-gated Na+ channels: Quantum-chemical investigations and QSAR studies
Craig G. Rusin Pending
Daisuke Sato How does RyR2-mediated SR calcium leak fail to cause sparks?
Malakhat Turabekova Modeling of antiarrhythmic Aconitum and Delphinium ssp. Alkaloids with inner pore of voltage-gated sodium channel
Aman Ullah Effects of channel clustering on Ca2+ signaling
Henian Xia Numerical simulation of electromechanical dynamics in paced cardiac tissue
Yuanfang Xie RyR distribution heterogeneity potentiates calcium wave initiation and propagation
Fei Yu Electrochemical impedance spectrum and equivalent circuit modeling of atherosclerotic lesions
Jian Zhou The effect of epithelial Cell laser ablation on small airway constriction



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Computational Modeling Applications to Cardiopulmonary Dynamics - 4/01/2007 to 3/30/2011
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