Heinrich Hoffmann


Sieh einmal, hier steht er,
Pfui! der Struwwelpeter
An den Händen beiden
Ließ er sich nicht schneiden
Seine Nägel fast ein Jahr;
Kämmen ließ er sich nicht sein Haar.
Pfui! ruft da ein Jeder:
Garst'ger Struwwelpeter!
See Slovenly Peter! Here he stands,
With his dirty hair and hands.
See! his nails are never cut;
They are grim'd as black as soot;
No water for many weeks,
Has been near his cheeks;
And the sloven, I declare,
Not once this year has combed his hair!
Anything to me is sweeter
Than to see shock-headed Peter.

=> Die Geschichte vom bösen Friederich

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