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Introductory Week
Introduction to Programming

Time: Thursday, 3 June, 9:00 am - 11:30 am (and other sessions)
            Thursday, 3 June, 2:00 pm and perhaps other times
Place: Bioinformatics Computer Core Lab (Rm 104), Life Sciences Bldg
Organizer: Jeff Elhai
Audience: Primarily 1st year students new to programming

If you're already comfortable programming, this Introduction is probably not for you. Come to the first session (we'll be doing other things as well), but after that, you'll probably want to spend your time doing something else.

Goals of sessions

  • Give you sense of the power of programming to answer interesting questions
  • Give you quick expertise in a computer language that may allow you to do basic bioinformatics

FIRST SESSION (June 3) - Basic Syntax
Before coming, work your way through some subset of the material below (don't bite off too much). Then please complete a short

to let me know how far you got and what you need. Please submit it at least two hours before the session.

If you like to jump into things:

  • Do the guided tour What is a gene? (don't merely read it)
    Accessible through the BioBIKE portal, Guided Tours.
If you prefer theory before action, try:

Here's a possibly useful       problem set       giving you practice on matters concerning basic syntax

SECOND SESSION (possibly June 8) - Iteration
Again, it is for you to judge if it is time to retrench or to plow forward. If the latter, consider the material below. Either way, please fill out the

at least two hours before the session to let me know where you are.

Warning! There are way too many problems in the problem sets for any mortal. Do those that you judge to be most useful to you.

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