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The Institute

Virginia Commonwealth University's Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Summer Institute accepts (mostly undergraduate) students every year into a two-year program, designed to make tangible, through an intense research experience, the possibilities of a career in bioinformatics or bioengineering. The Institute is more than summer internship (despite the focus on research) and more than a summer job (despite the money).

Rather daring, probably not what you expect.

A logical, if unusual, route to meet those goals.
What can you expect to do when you get here?

Portal to activities of courses in the Institution.

Events and other matters of interest to Institute participants.

Nuts and bolts on how to live here

Documents that may be of use to participants.

Each year one or two teachers join the institute. What can they expect?

Who are we looking for? How can you sign up? With what support?

How to contact us? Who supports us? Who are our relatives?