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K-12 Teachers


The BBSI program is designed to open the eyes of undergraduates who may be considering careers in research. However, the greatest degree of eye-opening takes place much earlier, during students' K-12 education. Unfortunately, many students leave 12th grade with the perception that science is something in books done by people out there, that math is mumbo-jumbo to reproduced within the confines of math classes, that computers are useful but only as sources of information, not as tools to create new insights. This would change if they learned science by doing science.

The Research Experiences for Teachers program, funded (like BBSI) by the National Science Foundation, seeks K-12 teachers who can be catalysts for change, bringing to the classroom insights they have gained by being active participants in scientific research. For the past several years, the BBSI have invited K-12 teachers to be particants in the program, both participating in research projects and using their experience and the collaboration of BBSI faculty to develop modules that will engage their students in discovery-based learning.

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