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Local Mentors

(This page is directed primarily to the faculty mentors of potential students at the Institute, but the potentials can listen in too)

We're trying to do something very difficult: to help your undergraduate student develop into a full player within a rich research experience. We intend for the student to feel competent, confident, and integrated into a greater research community. The student should feel that way because, by the end of the experience, the student IS that way. Sounds good,... but how?

They'll have an action packed two summers, but the period in between those two summers is critical. To remain engaged, the student may continue summer research from afar, or work with you on a project closer to your interests, or take on a body of knowledge that makes the summer research come alive. Whatever the task during the academic year, the idea is that the student returns the second summer able to engage more deeply than before.

Click here for examples of how this has worked in the past.

You know this student to be special, otherwise you wouldn't recommend him or her to us. We ask you to consider partnering with us to prepare a correspondingly special experience. The Institute will provide resources to support the student's work during the academic year, but the best resource may well be your own creative input. Please think about how best to blend what your institution and our institute can offer to make the greatest impact on the student's life.