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Introductory Week
Introduction to Molecular Biology

Time: Fri June 4, Mon June 7, 9:00 - 11:30 am
Place: Bioinformatics Computer Core Lab (Rm 104), Life Sciences Bldg
Organizer: Jeff Elhai
Audience: Primarily 1st year students

Goals of session

  • For those who already know something about molecular biology, to extend what is probably mostly book knowledge to application
  • For those who are new to molecular biology, to make some headway in the aspects most important to bioinformatics
  • For all, to illustrate how to approach reading a research article

FIRST SESSION (Friday, June 4)
Before coming to the session, please read or skim as much of the notes below as you can stand, then please complete a short     questionnaire     at least two hours before the session begins.

SECOND SESSION (Monday, June 7)

  • Please look even more carefully at the molecular biology problem set, questions: B2, B9, B10, C2, C4, C6, D2, D4.
  • Read the relevant portion of Belasco et al (1986), along with a tour of the article:
        - Part I: General strategy to read article
        - Part II: Answering the question
  • Please complete a short questionnaire

Extra help for those who need it (scheduled as needed)

  • Continue working on the material above, taking note what is confounding you and identifying as well as you can what it is you need to know but don't.
  • If the genetic code is getting you down, try the following tour, Alien genetic code (through BioBIKE portal, Guided Tours)

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