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Virginia Commonwealth University
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Introductory Week
Introduction to the Institute

Time: Wednesday, 2 June, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Place: Bioinformatics Computer Core Lab (Rm 104), Life Sciences Bldg
Organizer: Jeff Elhai
Audience: Primarily 1st year students
Problem Set

Goals of session

  • Give you overview of the goals of the institute
  • Give you overview of the summer's events
  • Give you a minimal competence in a wet lab (if you need a minimal competence in a wet lab)
  • Give you experience in reading a research article
  • Give you experience in critiquing a research proposal in preparation for writing one

Materials (click on links to reach notes)

Keynote address
      The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research
      Schwartz MA. J Cell Sci (2008) 121:1771

For those going into wet labs
      Notes of possible interest
      A few dilution problems to test yourself

Problem set for Introduction to Scientific Literature

SESSION: Wednesday, 8 June

Each of two groups of three participants will consider six research proposals. Please read all six proposals, to the point that you can contribute to a discussion of what works and doesn't work in each. Here is some advice as to what to consider as you look over a proposal.

Pay special attention to two of the proposals (those in parentheses after your name). You will introduce these to your group.

Groups for reviewing research proposals

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