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UITAC Members

Teaching & Research Faculty  
Dr. Lynn D. Nelson
Professor, Sociology
College of Humanities and Sciences
Dr. Dianne Simons
Ass't Professor, Occupational Therapy
School of Allied Health

Dr. Henry Rozycki
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
School of Medicine

Ms. Fran G. Smith
Program Specialist, Instructional Technology & Distance Education (TTAC)
School of Education

Dr. David Primeaux
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science


Dr. Michael Sesnowitz
School of Business

Dr. James Shultz
Director, Policy Analysis
Finance & Administration
Ms. Veronica P. Shuford
Director of Academic Technology
School of Pharmacy
Mr. Santa Susarapu
Graduate Student Representative
Ex Officio
Mr. Carl F. Gattuso
Interim Chief Information Officer
VCU Health System

Mr. Mark D. Willis
Assistant Vice President
Administrative Information Technology
Dr. Phyllis C. Self
Vice Provost
Academic Technology

Mr. John Ulmschneider
Executive Director
VCU Libraries

Administrative Support
Ms. Josie Barbie
Administrative Assistant
AIT - Fiscal & Administrative Services


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