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Eat up

Each semester, Virginia Commonwealth University chefs serve up a wide range of cuisine, from American to Caribbean to Korean to Mexican to Thai. Our dining facilities, which number 24 (and counting), serve up whatever you crave — whenever you crave it. If you live in a freshman residence hall, a meal plan is required, but you may still want one if you move off campus.

What’s on the menu?

Whether you’re in the mood for chef-prepared stir-fry at Shafer Court Dining Center, a made-to-order salad from Jonah’s, a latte from Starbucks Coffee or pancakes from IHOP Express, we’ve got numerous options to please your palate.

Plenty of other dining establishments including ethnic restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream stores, pizza joints and sub shops sit just steps away from campus.

Delicious and nutritious

With so many flavorful and healthy options on campus and surrounding the VCU community, students satisfy their cravings while relaxing with friends or studying for tests.