Workshop funding and support is provided by the following grant: NIH/NHLBI T15 HL088517-01,
Computational Modeling Applications to Cardiopulmonary Dynamics - 4/01/2007 to 3/30/2011
Also supported by the
Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, Virginia Commonwealth University



World Congress Registration

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  • Please continue your registration process. Fees are listed below:
Registration Fees
Until 31 Mar 2011
From 1 Apr 2011
Graduate Students $0 $50
Post-doc/Felllow/Academic $0 $50
Medical Students $0 $50
Medical Fellows $0 $50
K-12 Teachers $0 $25
Industry/Corporate $500 $525
Professional Journalists $100 $125


*Does not include the lab experience unless space is available

**Scholarships are available for hotel, registration, and coach class airfare. Please send the following to Dr. Tarynn M. Witten:

  1. Cover explaining why you wish to attend the workshop. Include any research areas of interest, background, etc.
  2. Copy of most current CV
  3. Letter of recommendation from at least one academic faculty who can speak to your background and abilities

You may e-mail all documents as a combined PDF and have your letter e-mailed to Dr. Witten. Send all material to tmwitten@vcu.edu