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University Advancement

Tricia Ambler
Director of Prospect Research and Tracking 
(804) 828-2048

Ariana Bracalante Baker
Senior Grant Writer and Coordinator
(804) 828-1230

Marilyn Baxter
Assistant to the Associate Vice President
(804) 828-0767

Jenn Boester
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
(804) 828-0745

Anne Hoffler
Director of Donor Relations
(804) 828-3383

Anne Jacobson
Associate Vice President
(804) 828-0767

Amy Lane
Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(804) 828-0236

Samantha Wheeler Marrs
Assistant Vice President and
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(804) 828-1229

Shirley Meade
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
(804) 828-2047

Melanie Irvin Solaimani
Director of Advancement Communications
(804) 828-3975

William Ike Tucker
Director of Special Projects
(804) 827-0536

Peter Wyeth
Vice President
(804) 828-0880


Beth Harrington
Senior Director of Development
(804) 828-8384


Andrew Hartley
Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing and Annual Giving
(804) 828-1726

College of Humanities & Sciences

Michael P. Andrews
Alumni Relations and Communications Coordinator
(804) 827-1351

Lois Badey
Director of Development
(804) 827-0856

Shirley McDaniel
Director of Stewardship and Event Management
(804) 827-0867

Tiffany F. Murray
Coordinator of Development and Alumni Relations
Wilder School for Government and Public Affairs
(804) 827-1253

Massey Cancer Center

Kelly Canfield
Development Officer
(804) 827-0642

Fran Householder
Associate Director of Development and External Relations
(804) 828-1187

Carrie Kozonasky
Associate Director of Resource Development
(804) 827-0652

Rosemary LaVista
Executive Director of Development and External Relations
(804) 828-1452

V. Lee McLauchlan
Director of Major Gifts
(804) 827-0600

Ann Strange
Director of Special Gifts
(804) 828-1451

MCV Foundation

Cathy Clark
Director of Development Services
(804) 828-9734

Christine Gove
Interim Executive Director
(804) 828-9734

Sharon Larkins-Pederson
Senior Development Officer
(804) 828-4599

MCV Hospitals

Director of Development
(804) 828-4100

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jamie M. Stillman
Director of Development and Communications
(804) 828-1205

School of Allied Health Professions

Karen McQueen
Director of Development
(804) 828-3269

School of the Arts

Jacquelin Crebbs
Associate Dean for Development
(804) 828-2787

Mollie Mitchell
Communications Manager

Robin O’Sullivan
Associate for Development
(804) 828-8225

Jodi Valo
Assistant Director of Development
(804) 828-1755

School of Business

Fran Altman
Public Relations Specialist
(804) 827-1801

Ken Blaisdell
Executive Director of the School of Business Foundation
Associate Dean for External Affairs
(804) 828-1487

Doug Knapp
Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
(804) 827-1805

Katherine Oliver
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
(804) 828-1485

School of Dentistry

Martha Bushong
Assistant Director of External Relations
(804) 828-9757

Jim Doyle
Assistant Director of Development
for Annual Giving and Alumni Stewardship
(804) 828-1138

Sarah Hendricks
Development Assistant
(804) 828-9245

Ed Kardos
Director of Development
(804) 828-0324

Dr. James H. Revere
Director of Planned Giving
(804) 827-0438

Leetah Stanley
Development Assistant
(804) 828-4516

School of Education

Betsy Rossi
Director of Development
(804) 827-1363

School of Engineering

Anita Hazel
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
School of Engineering Foundation
(804) 828-2909

Brian S. Thomas
Vice President
School of Engineering Foundation
(804) 828-0067

School of Mass Communications

Ian Little
Director of Development
(804) 828-2660

School of Medicine

Erin Dancer
Assistant Director of Development
(804) 828-4800

Thomas Holland
Associate Dean of Development
(804) 828-3800

School of Nursing

Kelly Gotschalk
Assistant Director of Development
(804) 828-2993

James Parrish
Director of Development
(804) 828-5172

School of Pharmacy

Ellen Firkins
Director of Development
(804) 828-3016

School of Social Work

Terry Anderson
Director of External Affairs
(804) 828-0410

VCU Children's Medical Center

Jennifer A. O’Rourke
Director of Development
(804) 828-4326

VCU Foundation

Tom Burke
Executive Director
(804) 828-3958

VCU Libraries

Donna E. Coghill
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
(804) 828-6554

Kimberly Separ
Director of Development
(804) 827-1163

Antonia FD Vassar
Assistant Director of Development
(804) 827-1165

VCU Life Sciences

Catherine Dahl
Director of Development and Special Projects
(804) 827-7372



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