Ambulatory Care Center

The seven-story, 141,000-square-foot Ambulatory Care Center offers the full range of primary to specialty care available at VCU Health System, including clinics for internal medicine, rheumatology, allergy, orthopaedics, and surgery. In addition, the site offers nationally-ranked services in cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, nephrology, psychiatry, cosmetic surgery, pain management, physical medicine, and occupational and physical therapy.

The Neurosciences Center, which specializes in treating patients with epilepsy, brain, and spinal-cord conditions, occupies an entire floor of the Ambulatory Care Center, as does the full-service outpatient Surgery Center, housing six same-day surgical suites with operating and recovery rooms. Complete onsite diagnostic imaging, including a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) and a computed tomography (CT) scanner, offer patients the convenience of coordinated, multidisciplinary care in one building.

For more information, please call (804) VCU-MCVH (or 828-6284).

Special Features
  • Outdoor patient guides to help coordinate special needs, or point out the close, covered parking deck.
  • Color-coded directional signs, courteous staff, and plush furnishings to make office visits easier.
  • The latest automated and electronic record keeping systems, which saves patients time and dramatically reduces paperwork.
  • Simple patient preregistration and coordinated physician charts, enabling seamless care at any MCV location--downtown, Hanover, Southside, or West End.
  • Building-to-building elevated walkways that connect the Ambulatory Care Center to the entire MCV campus, facilitating immediate hospitalization upon diagnosis, if needed.
  • Full service pharmacy and onsite financial counseling, complete with private rooms for confidential discussions.
  • Second opinions and referrals welcome. Most major insurance plans accepted.
For Directions and More Information

To hear to prerecorded directions and general information, please dial the MCV HealthLine and enter the corresponding topic number. A directory of over 1,000 health related topics is also available by calling this number.

Dial (804) VCU-MCVH (or 828-6284), then press:
  • 1100 Arriving from I-95 North
  • 1102 Arriving from I-95 South
  • 1104 Arriving from I-64 West
  • 1106 Arriving from I-64 East
  • 2680 About the Ambulatory Care Center
  • 1420 About the Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • 1430 Parking Information
  • 1480 Billing Information
  • 1402 Outpatient Testing Center
  • 1464 How to Choose a Physician
To Schedule an Appointment
  • Allergy, Rheumatology,and Immunology: (804) 828-9341
  • Digestive Disorders: (804) 828- 9598
  • Family Counseling: (804) 828- 9250
  • Heart Center: (804) 828- 9700
  • Medical Specialties including Endocrinology, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Pharmacology, Pulmonary, and Substance Abuse: (804) 828-7700
  • Neurosciences Center: (804) 828-9350
  • Orthopaedics Clinic: (804) 828-7051
  • Primary Care, Geriatrics and General Medicine: (804) 828-3762
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: (804) 828-8988
  • Surgical Specialties including Cardiac and Thoracic, Laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive), Neurosurgery, Oral and Maxillofacial, Pediatric, Plastic and Reconstructive, Podiatry, Vascular / Transplant: (804) 828-1875

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