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Pages from the News

Here is a list of Web pages featured in the first issue of OIT News, a quarterly publication from the Office for Information Technology:

VCU Web Sites

A potpourri of pages at VCU
CommonHealthNet(the International Medical/Health Info Network)
University Career Center
University News Services
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry
MCV Campus Calendar
Virginia HIV/AIDS Information Resources
VCU's guide to faculty experts - Nationally and internationally recognized experts from art historians to molecular biologists
The Anderson Gallery... original art from students and faculty at VCU's highly acclaimed School of the Arts
Mike Neale's Mx software...numerical modeling software offering matrix algebra interpretation and numerical optimization.
The International Resource Guide is a trail guide to international Web sites and language resources developed by the Foreign Language department at VCU.
Search for faculty or staff at VCU

Spanning the Globe

Search the World
...via Yahoo, Lycos, or Webcrawler.
Explore NCSA's Web overview
NCSA Mosaic
What's New on the Web
Starting Points for Network Exploration
Internet Resources Meta-Index
Resources from the World Wide Web consortium
Web Servers directory
WWW Virtual Library
Other resources
National Center for Research Resources
FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
The Department of Psychiatry's list of Mental Health Internet Resources
Library catalogs worldwide
Gopherspace Worldwide


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