VCU Events Calendar Design Archive

{Below is a narrative describing the evolution of the VCU Home Page. The links on the various home pages may not work.}

In 1997, Virginia Commonwealth University created its first centralized Events Caledar.

In 1998, became the official home page for the university. The views home page was modified to allow folks to easily navigate into the consolidated VCU Web site. In 1998, text was added to the VCU Home Page, which required scrolling but gave folks who were unfamiliar with the Web a good idea of what information they could find and where they could find it.

Minor changes were added in 1999 and 2000 to the VCU Home Page. One was the introduction of gold bars as separator of the important headlines and second was a link for the VCU Home Page to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act Agent as copyright was becoming a significant issue.

In March 2000, the first significant modification occurred to the VCU Home Page. In addition to the new design which included rollovers, the following new features were added to the home page.

In August 2001, the VCU Home Page took on its third version

In August 2003, the VCU Home Page took on its fourth version.

In September 2006, the VCU Home Page took on its fifth version.