Questions after a first reading of the Wheatley poems "Upon Being Brought from Africa to America"

To whom is this addressed and what idea does it convey?
Is the tone rebellious or apologetic?
How do you think that readers of the time (1767?) would have read the poem?
How might it be read differently today?  Do you think that African American readers would have a distinctive reading?
How would you summarize the poem in your own words? 
What would you consider the key words or phrases in the poem? 
How would you describe your personal response to the poem? 

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"To S. M., a Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works"

What is she saying to S.M. about his painting? What message is she sending to other readers of the poem?  What does she feel about his art? About the responsibilities of an artist?

Does the fact that he is African influence her ideas? That is, would she offer the same advice/ideas to a white American artist at that time and place? 

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