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Selected Bibliography on Transcendentalism

The major bibliography (annotated) is Joel Myerson's The Transcendentalists: A Review of Research and Criticism. NY: MLA, 1984.  For other works, especially on minor Transcendentalists, see Web Site Paul Reuben's bibliography.
Click on note to find an annotation of the work.

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Primary Academic Journals:

ATQ. American Transcendental Quarterly. Print; from 1989-present abstracts and some articles are also on-line at InfoTrac [available in many academic libraries.]
Web Site ESQ. A Journal of the American Renaissance [Note: Early volumes of the journal are titled Emerson Society Quarterly.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Inner link

Henry David Thoreau

[See also Web Site Paul Reuben's Thoreau Bibliography]

Other Transcendentalists.

Ellery Channing

McGill, Frederick T. Jr. Channing of Concord: A Life of William Ellery Channing II. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1967.

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Christopher Cranch

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Margaret Fuller

von Mehren, Joan. Minerva and the Muse: A Life of Margaret Fuller. Amherst: UMass P, 1994. Note Note.

Theodore Parker

Albrecht, R. C. Theodore Parker. NY: Twayne, 1971.

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Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

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Jones Very

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Orestes Brownson

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Walt Whitman

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Frederick Douglass

Andrews, William L., editor. The Oxford Frederick Douglass Reader. New York: Oxford UP, 1996.

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