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VCU Library: Databases (for MLA Bib)
Lynch's Literary Resources: American  More selected literature links
Best Search Machines: Google***Northern Light***Dogpile [presents 11 search engines]

General Sites on Romanticism and Transcendentalism:
American Transcendentalism Web
Romanticism Defined A general definition from Web Museum, Paris
The Transcendentalists [Jone Johnson's site] Definitions of Transcendentalism, links to key author sites, Open Discussion Forum on Transcendentalism
Introduction to Romanticism [Paul Reuben, Perspectives on American LIterature; includes Early Nineteenth Century: American Transcendentalism ]
Authors: Nineteenth Century Romanticism [Akihito Ishikawa]
Nineteenth Century American Women Writers
American Literature, 1800-1900: Romanticism and Idealism  Great links from the Internet School Library Media Center

Course Author Sites

Washington Irving
Washington Irving on American Indians. (U Va e-text)
Representations of American Indians (including Irving)

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson and Thoreau as Eco-Transcendentalists  This is a paper I presented at a conference Archive of Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson on Nature  Links to five essays
Ralph Waldo Emerson (full listing of Web resources): Ecological Philosophers [Jone Johnson]
Class Interchange Discussion of "Self-Reliance" [Nick Evans, U of Texas]

Henry David Thoreau

The Thoreau Homepage A great site!
Thoreau Links  From literature to the environmental--extensive and descriptive listings)
Reflections on Walden After 150 Years
Walden Pond State Reservation  The Pond today.
Walden Pond Exhibit  Many great photos of the pond as well as the entire text of the book
Thoreau's Maine Woods Today (Three week trip recorded in the Portland Press Herald)
The Electronic Drummer  Thoreau Institute newsletter (environmental organization
Full text of Walden (by chapter)
A Hypertext Walden
Laws of Menu (from the Dial)
Ethnical Scriptures: Chinese Four Books (from The Dial)
Ethnical Scriptures: Sayings of Confucius(from The Dial)
Natural History of Massachusetts (from The Dial)

  Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson Home Page
On Emily Dickinson. [from Richard B. Sewall's The Life of Emily Dickinson.]
Paul Reuben's page on Dickinson; bibliography, biography, portrait, brief introduction to her poetry
The Life of Emily Dickinson.
Dickinson, Emily (Elizabeth) [Al Filreis]
Poems of Emily Dickinson
Joyce Carol Oates on Emily Dickinson

Edgar Allan Poe

The House of Usher Page [a bit campy but fun}
House of Usher page [University of Texas class]
Study Site on "The Fall of the House of Usher" (Professor Fitzsimmons, Queensland University)
A Fissure of Mind: The Primal Origins of Poe's Doppelganger as Reflected in Roderick Usher [Long essay by David Grantz)
Edgar Allan Poe [extensive biography with audio on two poems, from Longman]
Edgar Allan Poe Society [some great biographical stuff here]
Poe Biography
Poe's Virtual Library
Orisse's Edgar Allan Poe Page

Herman Melville

Life and Works of Herman Melville
Study Site on "Bartleby the Scrivener" (Professor Fitzsimmons)
Study Site on "Benito Cereno" (Professor Fitzsimmons)

Nathaniel Hawthorne

"The Blithedale Romance"
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Life and Works
Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne
Essay on "Rappaccini's Daughter" (J. Dylan McNeill, Eastern Illinois University))
Mr. Thoreau Dines with the Hawthornes
Essay on "The Priscilla in Each of Us" by Andrew Mast, Swarthmore Univ.(don't read until you've read the book!)
Henry James chapter on Brook Farm and Concord (from Hawthorne)
D. H. Lawrence on The Blithedale Romance

Walt Whitman

Whitman Hypertext Archive
Poetry of Walt Whitman
Leaves of Grass [searchable]
Whitman's Drum Taps and Washington's Civil War Hospitals (Angel Price)
Reviews of Drum Taps
Poet at Work [Library of Congress poem manuscripts]
Critical Comparisons between Whitman and Dickinson

Margaret Fuller

Frederick Douglass
Douglass Biography

Harriet Jacobs
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (full text plus)