Create an Internet-based Assignment

What are your pedagogical goals for this assignment?  What do you want the students to learn?

What strategies would ordinarily meet those goals in the classroom?

What strategies would meet those goals even better for on-line, or what can you do on-line better than you could do in the classroom? (Take into consideration different learning styles)

Strategies available:

hypertextual information, links at increasing levels
study questions which can lead to on-line discussions
presentation of images and sound

Now ready to go--use WORD (copy and paste into blank Web Page?)

General considerations: text, margins, background, images,

levels in assignment to facilitate discovery, interaction

Associated response writing?

Blackboard--basic html commands
   <a href="" target="blank">..... </a>
   <b> </b>   <i> </i> <br> <hr> <p>

How to set, upload your assignment, connect to discussion for student responses

My goals and where they have led

Goals: Student engagement, active collaborative learning, paying attention to the reading-writing-thinking process, learn to discover meaning in literature with guidance. Learn from each other. Break out of the lecture box.
Presentation of information in "discovery" fashion, with levels for adventurous students
Clear-cut expectations about learning
Collaborative, Creative thinking--creation of web texts

Class or group website materials collection: transcendentalism web
   Reviews  or Web projects

Annotation of texts: in progress, finalized

Study Hypertexts: from professor and student