In River Time: The Way of the James

Links to Further Information on the James River

History of the James

"From the Blue Ridge to the Chesapeake: A Brief History of Virginia Indians" Article by Kathy Spaar
Map of Virginia, 1590, Theodore de Brys  Penn Library Exhibit
Captain John Smith  Biography, APVA Site
"Captain John Smith" Article by Dennis Montgomery, Colonial Williamsburg Journal
"This innocent worke": Adam and Eve, John Smith, William Wood and the North American Plantations" Article by Graham Roebuck, Early Modern Literary Studies, 1995
"Old Muddy Jeems and the Flow of History" Article by Dennis Montgomery, Colonial Williamsburg Journal
The Destruction of Richmond, Virginia, January 5 and 6, 1781 Article from  Henry B. Dawson's Battles of the United States [1858]
Historic Hatton Ferry  Description and photos

CSS Virginia Home Page  Information and photos by a descendent of the captain. Includes an eyewitness account by R. E. Colston.
Report of Flag Office Franklin Buchanan on the Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac  1862 eyewitness account

George W. Bagby, Canal Reminiscences: Recollections of Travel in the Old Days on the James River & Kanawha Canal, 1879.
"Canal was carved with slave labor," Gary Robertson, Richmond Times-Dispatch
"A hard life on the river," Gary Robertson, Richmond Times-Dispatch [on Explore Park tribute to bateaumen)

Captain John Smith Trail on the James River

Journey on the James: Three Weeks through the Heart of Virginia Earl Swift of the Virginia Pilot on his journey down the James in September, 1999.
Interactive Map of the James River.

"The Heritage of the James"  Talk by Ann Woodlief for the James River Symposium, May 19, 1995, Richmond, VA.

James River Association
The James River Tributary Strategy
The James River, 2011"
"State of the James 2011"  Richmond Times-Dispatch,

Sports and Tourism
James River Fishing School Recommended!
James River Batteau Festival
Whitewater on the James River in Richmond, Virginia
Adventure Challenge (whitewater rafting)
James River Runners [canoe livery, Scottsville, Va)
Canoe and Kayak the Upper James (James River Basin Canoe Livery)
James River Reeling and Rafting (Scottsville)
James River Outdoor Coalition ("Save the JR Park")
James River Plantations

Parks and Wildlife
James River Park, Richmond
"Bruised and Bloody, Ralph White to Retire," Style Weekly
James River State Park  Buckingham County, opened June 1999
Henricus Historical Park, Chesterfield County